Matthew Roberts. I’ve been drawing regularly since I could hold a crayon. I subverted years of perfectly good public school education by filling my notebook margins with aliens, rocknroll demons and super-heroes in place of math equations, historical data and grammar. Trained on the mean streets of boredom and idol worship, I started seriously developing my comic book skills in the early 90s and emulated every fashionable crutch from that era. Gradually my tastes broadened. My need to cross-hatch faded and I’ve actually developed a style which, while wearing its influences on its sleeve, is still recognizably my own.

With that said: I work in pencil/ink and apply most of my colors in Photoshop, although I’m comfortable generating pieces start to finish digitally. I’m meticulous with referencing details for accuracy when called for. I’m imaginative and collaborative but will never insist on my vision over my clients. I specialize in comic style Illustration but am certainly willing to work in other styles.


e-mail: matt@shinolahead.com

Facebook/Twitter/Deviantart : shinolahead