7 thoughts on “Sling Blade….

  1. So I recently dove back into the comics fray from my childhood and remember you showing me your rendition of Trapjaw when we worked together. A little internet searching and I came across this site. Glad to see you’re still going at it and not droning in a message center some where. Blech! Still have your ridiculous navy blue “COMM” hat on a mantel I hope bwahahaha. Good luck man. Can’t wait to see more. Lou

      • Congrats on the retirement. Wow! Nice. Has to make the ol’ civilian transition a bit easier. What comics are you drawing for? I will purchase in mass quantity. No complaints in my neck of the woods. Later. Lou

      • I’ve done some promotional work for The Walking Dead and Hyundai. I’m working with Skybound/Image Comics. No specific titles yet, but I’ll post when I can announce anything.

  2. Yeah, I see you did a variant for issue 100. That’s pretty big time. Looks awesome. Just convince the boss to wide release it so I can get my hands on a copy ha ha. Nice man.

  3. Hi Matt –
    This awesome! I would love to get a copy of your comic signed by you or anything else for Devo, his birthday is later this month and it would be great! Good luck!

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