Sorry to the family – it’s been a while since I’ve posted any pics. We’re still having a blast here in the UK. Finally went to London for the 1st time with Burt and Anne, and it didn’t let me down. If the view wasn’t pretty or humbling it was at least very interesting – just the way the old and new jumble togther in places is great to see.

Here’s the pics (There’s a LOT. I would click on the ‘Read More’ links and walk away for a few minutes if you have a slow connection):

Warwick Castle (Jenna took these – I was at work. I need to let her have the camera more often):

The story I heard was that Burt’s happy expression above is a farce. Apparently the hat was either not his size, meant to be worn over a pillow or meant to be worn as a torture device. The discomfort the helmet caused him was described to me as very painful, with a few vulgar adjectives added to the retelling.

I haven’t mastered the slang here yet, but I believe this is meant to be pro-yankee:

Jenna wants it known she took this pic while driving a moving car. I could take this moment to compliment her artistic composition under pressure, but since it would take attention away from MY artisticness I will instead take this moment to scold her for driving recklessly with family in the car. They’re our KIDS, woman – watch the ****in’ road!

Trafalgar Square:

Big Ben:

Some detail from a building across from Westminster Abbey (apologize for forgetting the name):

Also near Westminster Abbey, a few statues –
Winston Churhchill


I think a big statue of Abe Lincoln in the heart of London is pretty cool, but my sentiment seems to be shared only by young girls:

The Mounted Guards in front of the horse armory:

The Eye:

Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, lots of more buildings – as seen FROM THE EYE!

A sculpture of a Dali painting (one of a few – in front of the Eye)

Detail from the fountain in front of Buckingham Palace:

The British Museum:

The Natural History Museum:

The Science Museum:

Einstein’s head is not actually freakishly disproportionate to his body. That’s actually Ben on the bike looking INSIDE a FAKE Einstein head. HUZZAH – SCIENCE!!

King’s Cross:

I was alone when I took this picture so I apologize for not having a family member acting like a jackass and pretending to be a wizard magically pushing his cart through a brick wall. I’m sure it would have been a cute picture.

Misc., London:

A huge graveyard/public park. I wish I could eat lunch here everyday. Thousands of graves surrounding a couple of crosswalks where people were having lunch. Neat.

I mentioned the jumbling of old and new. Old Church completely surrounded by an office complex.:

Tourist Tip – Watch out for the napkins, especially red ones:

I swear this wasn’t staged:

Dreamworks has a ways to go before they can hope to match Disney’s Men-In-Suit joint:

Seriously – Shrek doesn’t have a ‘stache:

Again. not sure what it says, but I’m getting a good vibe:

Holly after a day in London:


There’s a pic of this tree in the previous entry about Cambridge – this time it’s got flowers on it.

Burt and Ben on the way up St Mary’s Church, Cambridge:

About 1/3 of all the open fields are covered in this yellow flower now – pretty.

Whew! That’s it for now. That’s near 50 pics, which is worth a score of 4 out of 4 Goofy Ben’s!

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