I posted these over at PJ and figured I’d show them here as well.

Just a couple of sketchbook drawings that I liked enough to finish and color.

5 thoughts on “Sketchbookings

  1. Thankya, sirs.
    Chris: My kids hate me because I make them do homework and don’t let them play videogames as much as they want. They used to love me – now they’re jerks. I blame the school.
    Benito: Now the image of you rubbing one out, trying to think of me, failing, and both body and weiner falling into a limp mass on the bathroom tile while you weep will be certain to pop into my head uninvited the minute the Misses Johansson and Winslet pull back the sheets during many of my own future rubbing outs. Thanks.

  2. The first one is cool, but the second one is the coolest thing ever.
    The little details throughout really nail it. Love the 3 headed terrier, but the little things like the knife block in the bg and the bendy straw randomly laying on the floor…just jawsome.
    I’m glad you’re drawing again.

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