Initial entry – Pics from England

I thought about an actual “jounal” type entry for my initial post. It’s be neet to detail my trip to England. What I like, what I don’t like, funny things, pretty things…and all that. It would also take alot of time and really, the reason to start this was to have a handy way to post pics. So I’ll just post pics – maybe later I’ll entertain with witty tales..but I doubt it. So – in absolutely no order whatsoever:

View from my bedroom window:

Hitchingbrook house – We went to an antique fair here. Very pretty inside.

A pig sign in Corby:

Architectual detail from a “castle” in Corby – I use quotes because that’s what the map called it. Really nothing castle like about it. It’s a squat box. A pretty squat box, across from a very pretty church. I took pictires of the pretty church but just details pics of the “castle”.

Here’s the pretty church across from the can see the corner of the box in the foreground:

Another church, across from Eleanor’s cross in Geddington:

A few pics of Eleanor’s cross:

A link to info on the cross:

Here’s a few from Huntington, the nearest bigger town to us, and also the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell:

A big fat pile of hay. The pic doesn’t do it justice – it’s like a hay hotel, at least a few stories high:

Nottingham, home of Nottingham castle, with a neat little art gallery inside:

some statue outside the castle of some WWI hero – pretty:

and under the castle, half inside the hill, is the oldest pub in England – “Ye Ole Trip to Jeruselam”, very cool pub inside – a typical pub with a bunch of little cave like sitting areas around it and a big hole for venting going up inside the mountain:

and also in Nottingham, in case you couldn’t guess, are many references to the Robin Hood legend:

nearby is Sherwood Forest, but I didn’t have time to visit tthis time – they had a Hooters in town.

And a few of the kids, for the one’s who care:

To end this entry – another view out the back bedroom window – it’s so pretty. I hear that the sun comes up around 4 am in the hight of summer. I imagine I’ll despise the view by then.

5 thoughts on “Initial entry – Pics from England

  1. I’m about an hour by train…Hour 1/2 – 2 hours by car..if traffic’s good.
    They charge you for driving in London, so I’m guessing the train is the way to go. I should be going into the city around April, if not sooner.

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