Frickin’ SNOW!

I know most folks won’t be as excited as I am, but after 10 odd years in Tampa I couldn’t wait for some winter waether – and it finally frickin’ snowed here! It was fat snow – like icy strips of tissue paper. Huge snow flakes.

Here’s our house:

Here’s a sample of how excited we were:

Our yard after the deluge (there was nearly a 1/2 on the ground after the blizzard!):

Here’s a ton of the kids, their 1st snow:

And, just because they were on the same card as the snow, here’s a few pics of the town sign, the town pub (“The George”) and the town church:

8 thoughts on “Frickin’ SNOW!

  1. Oh, here’s a livejournal tip for when you post a really large picture or several pictures so that it doesn’t necessarily drain bandwidth –
    Type then put whatever you want to “lj-cut” and then end it close it out with but don’t add the spaces after and right before the “<" stuff that I added.

    • a) I totally didn’t tell you about my page and you totally show up and post anyways…..WTF
      b) I looked up cuckolded and it’s not as perversional as I assumed. F*** you anyways (I use the *’s to hide the bad word ’cause my mom looks at these pictures – but you know what it means, f***tard).
      Yeah, man – this page will be mainly to keep pictures posted for those who care. I might feel witty and important from time to time, and post other stuff. Hopefully I’ll avoid anything that starts out “You know what’s crazy about them Englishes?”.

  2. its a little hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that you have such children that age. I always had in mind that we were close to the same age, but apparently not

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