Dirty words are funny

*****WARNING TO VISITING FAMILY – This entry has foul language. Small children should turn away.******

****No Kidding*****

My son had a creative writing assignment recently. He was asked to combine 2 animals into one and write a story involving the hybrid.


A rhinoceros’ head on a peacock’s body. Funny image. More funny name.
“You should maybe change it to ‘rhinocerock’ or ‘pea..’, no just ‘rinocerock’.”
“Some people don’t like to hear the word ‘cock’, so you should be respectful.”
“What’s wrong with ‘cock’?”

Here’s the real test of parenting. I got past not laughing at ‘rhicock’, but what self respecting wiseacre doesn’t immediately say something rude to a question like that? And with my wife sitting right next to me? The temptation for burlesque comebacks was fierce.
I stood fast.
“It’s a word for ‘penis’ that some people find offe-”
At the word “penis” my son lost all composure.
My resolve was slipping.
“Peanocerous”, I said.
My son regained composure for a second. “PenUSerous?”. He lost it again.

…after the laughter became painful, he quieted down.
“Man” he said. “Peacock was the worst animal to choose – it’s got ‘pee’ AND ‘cock’ in it.”

After we both stopped laughing I left the room wondering what cock joke would get me beside my son in the principle’s office. Way to go, Dad.



10 thoughts on “Dirty words are funny

  1. Ahhh man, that was just awesome. “Peacock was the worst animal to choose” Now I’ve got to wipe all the rainbow colored specks of spit of my monitor.

  2. You’ll all be pleased to know that, because he had already entered it on the school computer at the start of the assignment, “Rhicock” it was. The Rhicock’s name is “Snoop”. I guess he’s a pimp or out fighting the Red Baron. I guess that’s pimp anyway you slice it.
    Anybody up for a Snoop the Rhicock jamboree?
    And Nate? To hell with Chris, I totally imagined the monitor’s glow refracted thru your snot. Bitchin’.

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