Your LJ Perfect Date
LJ Username
Gender femalemaleumm, lemme check
Mood happyhornysadangrynotalgicannoyedother
Choose a random word
Your Perfect Date admiralwerewolf
You have dinner at a Chinese restaurant
Afterwards you take a walk in the rain
Your date asks you take off your clothes
You say Can we talk about this tomorrow?
Chance you will get lucky – 27%

This fun quiz by akasha82 – Taken 324394 Times.

New – COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

CorEy, it’s official. This love is written in the stars.

To family – picture update soon….hopefully.

3 thoughts on “

  1. You’re so excited that when Cory asks you to remove your clothes, you respond with “Let’s talk about this tomorrow”? Jeez, play hard to get too much and you’ll lose out.

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