My mom – Rock and Roll Warrior, Roanoke, VA.

Copy and pasted from an AIM conversation with my mom:

FingerLickingGod: bloooood

MyMom: HUH?

FingerLickingGod: sorry – wrong number

If you weren’t trying to talk to me, who were you talking to. Besides
that, I’m way cooler than you think. My favorite guitarist now is
Dimebag Darryl. I get around you know.

FingerLickingGod: you are bullshitting completely

MyMom: My
career as a schoold bus aide requires relating to very troubled
children in many different ways. I listen to lots of acid rock and
gothic groups. They are comforted when they are able to share with me.

FingerLickingGod: Dimebag is dead

FingerLickingGod: Could be a touchy subject with your new rock legions – stay informed

MyMom: NOOOOOO! Jason(the Alice Cooper wannabe) will be crushed. I’ll have to counsel him on the bus this afternoon.

FingerLickingGod: Seriously – he was shot on stage a few months ago – maybe last year. How’s your life?

MyMom: No
kidding? Really, I dont’ think Jason knows. My life is fine. I’m online
looking at QVC for things to organize with. That’s the fastlane in

FingerLickingGod: Life in the fastlane should be no sweat for such a rock ‘n roll warrior

You know me so well. OK got to get organizing, if all you guys are ok.
Tell everyone I love them. (you too by the way). Peace, bro

FingerLickingGod: That suits you so well – take care

That’s all for now. Pictures and art soon (relatively).

3 thoughts on “My mom – Rock and Roll Warrior, Roanoke, VA.

    • I guess it’s funnier if you’ve actually met my mom. Although I think she is completely capable of axehandling a tree, I don’t think anyone would would ever come close to relating “lumberjack” with my mom. Anything paulbunyunistic just wouldn’t apply – 3/4 of a mamosa has resulted in her bouncing on a trampoline on Easter morning, and the word “fart” troubles her deeply.
      She is far from square but she sure hasn’t sold her soul to rock ‘n roll. Maybe to Paul Simon, tho.
      And yeah, I can draw over here – just haven’t much. I am drawing a few things now and should have them posted fairly soon.
      Comics are too expensive over here. It’s about the same in pounds as dollars but a pound is worth over a $1.80. There was some really awesome comics in Germany but I didn’t have time to shop while I was there, but I’m looking forward to going back.

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