The Walking Dead #100 Alt Cover

The Walking Dead #100 Alt Cover

For some reason they offered me the chance to draw the The Walking Dead Escape alternate cover. This one only got handed out to those participating in the Escape event at Petco Park. Fun!

Hyundai/Walking Dead Promotional Images

Zombie Survival Machine ad in The Official XBox , PC Gamer and Playstation magazines. Brother-in-law Matt, former coworkers Devo and Ryan are featured zombies.

Back cover for Walking Dead 99, 100, 101. That’s Roanoke in the back. My cousins Katie and Kendra, and Future US guy Jason are featured zombies.

Chung Kuo A Go Go!

I like a lot of books. Some of them quite a bit. There are three novels that I continually bounce back to from time to time. Well there’s actually plenty of books I try and go back to, but these three haven’t let me down.

Hitchhiker’s Guide
Gravity’s Rainbow
Chung Kuo

Technically that’s 13 (and 1/2 if Salmon of Doubt counts) because two of those are series.
Anyhoo – Anyone that’s read Chung Kuo has kind of been in limbo for a decade or so. The last 2 planned books of the series were crammed into one book over some snafu with the publisher. David Wingrove (the author), in the small bits of info available since the final book, seems to share the opinion of most of the fans about the last book: rushed and disjointed compared to the amazing seven books that came before. Also hinted at was the possibility of purchasing back the rights to the series and finishing the series to his satisfaction. That sounded awesome. 10 years ago.

This weekend my goodreads email update let me know that a new Chung Kuo (e)book is out! What! *click click google google click* One book of TWENTY over the next four years with almost as much side content in the pipes. Fingers crossed. The ebook is purchased and waiting. It may even push the last bit of Storm of Swords off the table (and I just got past the Red Wedding!). Can’t wait.

Official site:
Nice fan site (run by a Matt, automatic plus) with an archive of David Wingrove interviews from the original series: