The Walking Dead #100 Alt Cover

The Walking Dead #100 Alt Cover

For some reason they offered me the chance to draw the The Walking Dead Escape alternate cover. This one only got handed out to those participating in the Escape event at Petco Park. Fun!

Hyundai/Walking Dead Promotional Images

Zombie Survival Machine ad in The Official XBox , PC Gamer and Playstation magazines. Brother-in-law Matt, former coworkers Devo and Ryan are featured zombies.

Back cover for Walking Dead 99, 100, 101. That’s Roanoke in the back. My cousins Katie and Kendra, and Future US guy Jason are featured zombies.

Once you get to know her…

This started off as me playing around with exagerated features and just turned into this apathetic witch here. Had a bunch of fun once I figured out where it was headed. I’ll probably throw some colors on soon.