Hyundai/Walking Dead Promotional Images

Zombie Survival Machine ad in The Official XBox , PC Gamer and Playstation magazines. Brother-in-law Matt, former coworkers Devo and Ryan are featured zombies.

Back cover for Walking Dead 99, 100, 101. That’s Roanoke in the back. My cousins Katie and Kendra, and Future US guy Jason are featured zombies.

Up Yours and Away!

Tried starting with blue pencils again. Better results this time with less erasing. I drew a thumbnail ahead of time (which I never do. ever.) ,and it’s a much simpler drawing, technically. So that helped.

Brit – Image Comics/ Skybound

I’m a messy drawinger…

I started off this pic trying blue pencil layouts and, like always, it never works. I just sculpt my pencils to death. I should probably start practicing with blue pencils on something smaller.

This is Wolf-Man and friends, from Skybound.