I’m a messy drawinger…

I started off this pic trying blue pencil layouts and, like always, it never works. I just sculpt my pencils to death. I should probably start practicing with blue pencils on something smaller.

This is Wolf-Man and friends, from Skybound.

No – how are YOU doing?

Just flubbing around with a brush pen.

Once you get to know her…

This started off as me playing around with exagerated features and just turned into this apathetic witch here. Had a bunch of fun once I figured out where it was headed. I’ll probably throw some colors on soon.


“Finger Licking God” is a phrase that didn’t get caught by my internal spellchecker while writing something about KFC a long time ago and it’s been my favorite “If I had a band…” names since. I wanted to play around with lettering and this happened in my sketchbook. I tightened up “finger” in Photoshop and it’s still almost impossible to read. O well – it’s still my futures band’s future album art.

Hardboiled Tourist

I tried for a squid in spandex with boobs…but I hated it. Sounded like surefire gold. Sorry. This guy started out as a kind of PI and just turned into more of a tourist. I like his face. Probably should have had him holding some crazy dame’s sorted evidence instead of a suitcase.

Blowing out the cobwebs….

It seems forever since I’ve drawn ripped guys in spandex. Maybe I’ll draw a girl in spandex next. Or a squid in spandex.

Allen the Alien from Invincible (Image)