Careful what you wish for….

So I retired from the military. Also, instead of asking for a contracting job with a relatively secure paycheck and slightly elevated standard of living, I asked for a job drawing comics. I got the job.


I’m guessing I won’t be showing much of what I’m doing for a while. I will when I can. Here’s an old Longshot picture I forgot a I drew. I used it to practice brush inks on. I need to practice on many more things.

Six of one…

I was cleaning out my Gmail today and found an e-mail I had sent myself. The subject was “lj”, and I imagine it was a quick braindump intended to be posted on Live Journal. It’s numbered 1 – 6. It was probably in response one of those meme-y type fill-in-the-blank posts that get cycled around. I can’t remember what the questions were, but these were my answers:

1 – I once dreamed that I was being given a tour of the 3 Bears ultra-modern house by Papa Bear. Mid-70s ultra-modern. I was 4 . When we reached the indoor pool, Papa Bear stood on the edge and peed into it. I could feel him peeing in my dream and, of course, I woke up to a wet bed. Like a children’s version of Nightmare on Elm Street.

2 – My musical catalogue has grown more and more schizophrenic with age. For every wacked out Patton side project I pick-up there’s an old showtune added to my IPOD. I don’t know if the one is some kind of desperate pre-midlife-crisis reaction to the other, or if I’m just that hip. I fear the worst.

3 – I’ve learned my personal belief that small talk (for the sole purpose of killing silence) is to be avoided, and that most silence is not that uncomfortable, might lead some to label me as a snob. It’s not that I think you’re not worthy of my time – I just don’t think I have anything of value to add. If there something entertaining or interesting to discuss I’ll blab-on like a donkey on crack. (Note: “Blab-on” is being generous. The donkey metaphor is surprisingly accurate, though. Especially after alcohol and inappropriate conversation topics have been introduced.)

4 – I’m way too proud of the fact that I once tied four knots into one cherry stem with just my tongue and teeth. I’ve mentioned it more times than I should (before now). Having recently reconsidered this minor achievement, I’m of the opinion that If I actually applied this particular technique towards the skill it is meant to insinuate I would probably draw blood and tears so far beyond anything resembling arousal I would be arrested for attempted manslaughter.

5 – The only catlike ability I seem to possess is a left nut with nine lives. It has escaped near-death encounters with an angry wasp, molten-hot radiator water and a mid-air loss of a bike seat during a ramp jump (the pole the seat sat on was fully intact). My left thigh bore most of these assaults with honor.

6 – I once ate a whole tube of cookie dough. I was young.

Up Yours and Away!

Tried starting with blue pencils again. Better results this time with less erasing. I drew a thumbnail ahead of time (which I never do. ever.) ,and it’s a much simpler drawing, technically. So that helped.

Brit – Image Comics/ Skybound

I’m a messy drawinger…

I started off this pic trying blue pencil layouts and, like always, it never works. I just sculpt my pencils to death. I should probably start practicing with blue pencils on something smaller.

This is Wolf-Man and friends, from Skybound.

Once you get to know her…

This started off as me playing around with exagerated features and just turned into this apathetic witch here. Had a bunch of fun once I figured out where it was headed. I’ll probably throw some colors on soon.


“Finger Licking God” is a phrase that didn’t get caught by my internal spellchecker while writing something about KFC a long time ago and it’s been my favorite “If I had a band…” names since. I wanted to play around with lettering and this happened in my sketchbook. I tightened up “finger” in Photoshop and it’s still almost impossible to read. O well – it’s still my futures band’s future album art.

Hardboiled Tourist

I tried for a squid in spandex with boobs…but I hated it. Sounded like surefire gold. Sorry. This guy started out as a kind of PI and just turned into more of a tourist. I like his face. Probably should have had him holding some crazy dame’s sorted evidence instead of a suitcase.