I figured I’d try a favorite record list. Instead of lyrics I’ve opted for a selective crop of the album cover. Again, no preferential order – probably not even a defintive “Top 10” as far as my favorites go, but I haven’t put that much thought into it. Any guessers?

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2.Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Sorry I’m a few days late but here’s my quote list. A quick rundown for those that don’t know – These are the 1st lines of 10 of my favorite books. Guess what they are. This isn’t in any preferential order. 1 and 2 seem to be popular choices, but they belong on my list so sorry for being redundant. I almost *’ed out the character’s names for 7, but the whole sentence is a dead giveaway if you’ve read the book so screw it.

1. Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun.

2. The primroses were over.

3. This is the room of the wolfmother wallpaper.

4. Stately, plump Buck Mulligan Came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed.

5. A screaming comes across the sky.

6. It was a nice day. (and to be fair – here’s the second line) All the days had been nice.

7. The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

8. It was love at first site.

9. In the days before the world began, the first Ko Ming Emperor, Mao Tse-tung, stood on the hillside at Wuch’ichen in Shensi Province and looked back at the way he had come.

10. (translated) Midway upon the journey of our life / I found myself within a forest dark / For the straightforward pathway had been lost.

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To family – picture update soon….hopefully.

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Dirty words are funny

*****WARNING TO VISITING FAMILY – This entry has foul language. Small children should turn away.******

****No Kidding*****

My son had a creative writing assignment recently. He was asked to combine 2 animals into one and write a story involving the hybrid.


A rhinoceros’ head on a peacock’s body. Funny image. More funny name.
“You should maybe change it to ‘rhinocerock’ or ‘pea..’, no just ‘rinocerock’.”
“Some people don’t like to hear the word ‘cock’, so you should be respectful.”
“What’s wrong with ‘cock’?”

Here’s the real test of parenting. I got past not laughing at ‘rhicock’, but what self respecting wiseacre doesn’t immediately say something rude to a question like that? And with my wife sitting right next to me? The temptation for burlesque comebacks was fierce.
I stood fast.
“It’s a word for ‘penis’ that some people find offe-”
At the word “penis” my son lost all composure.
My resolve was slipping.
“Peanocerous”, I said.
My son regained composure for a second. “PenUSerous?”. He lost it again.

…after the laughter became painful, he quieted down.
“Man” he said. “Peacock was the worst animal to choose – it’s got ‘pee’ AND ‘cock’ in it.”

After we both stopped laughing I left the room wondering what cock joke would get me beside my son in the principle’s office. Way to go, Dad.



Frickin’ SNOW!

I know most folks won’t be as excited as I am, but after 10 odd years in Tampa I couldn’t wait for some winter waether – and it finally frickin’ snowed here! It was fat snow – like icy strips of tissue paper. Huge snow flakes.

Here’s our house:

Here’s a sample of how excited we were:

Our yard after the deluge (there was nearly a 1/2 on the ground after the blizzard!):

Here’s a ton of the kids, their 1st snow:

And, just because they were on the same card as the snow, here’s a few pics of the town sign, the town pub (“The George”) and the town church:

Initial entry – Pics from England

I thought about an actual “jounal” type entry for my initial post. It’s be neet to detail my trip to England. What I like, what I don’t like, funny things, pretty things…and all that. It would also take alot of time and really, the reason to start this was to have a handy way to post pics. So I’ll just post pics – maybe later I’ll entertain with witty tales..but I doubt it. So – in absolutely no order whatsoever:

View from my bedroom window:

Hitchingbrook house – We went to an antique fair here. Very pretty inside.

A pig sign in Corby:

Architectual detail from a “castle” in Corby – I use quotes because that’s what the map called it. Really nothing castle like about it. It’s a squat box. A pretty squat box, across from a very pretty church. I took pictires of the pretty church but just details pics of the “castle”.

Here’s the pretty church across from the box..you can see the corner of the box in the foreground:

Another church, across from Eleanor’s cross in Geddington:

A few pics of Eleanor’s cross:

A link to info on the cross:

Here’s a few from Huntington, the nearest bigger town to us, and also the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell:

A big fat pile of hay. The pic doesn’t do it justice – it’s like a hay hotel, at least a few stories high:

Nottingham, home of Nottingham castle, with a neat little art gallery inside:

some statue outside the castle of some WWI hero – pretty:

and under the castle, half inside the hill, is the oldest pub in England – “Ye Ole Trip to Jeruselam”, very cool pub inside – a typical pub with a bunch of little cave like sitting areas around it and a big hole for venting going up inside the mountain:

and also in Nottingham, in case you couldn’t guess, are many references to the Robin Hood legend:

nearby is Sherwood Forest, but I didn’t have time to visit tthis time – they had a Hooters in town.

And a few of the kids, for the one’s who care:

To end this entry – another view out the back bedroom window – it’s so pretty. I hear that the sun comes up around 4 am in the hight of summer. I imagine I’ll despise the view by then.